That old Hot Springs razzle dazzle

Today is the day. The Vapors is officially published. It doesn’t seem real yet. I’m probably more nervous than excited, honestly. It’s such an intimate thing, this book. I’ve lived with these pages for years now. I have a child that is younger than these pages. And for all those years it was a story that existed in my head, shared only with a couple of editors with delicate bedside manners. I’m proud of it, but I’m still on pins and needles worrying about what others, even complete strangers, will think. It feels ridiculous to type that out, to confess that fear, but I suppose there is no shame in it. It’s an intense and vulnerable thing, sharing this book with the whole world and inviting their judgement. I’m steeling myself for whatever may come, and taking solace at knowing at least I’ve got you in my corner. And that is no small thing. Your posts and tweets and whatnot in the last week have really made a big difference. And there’s still more you can do.

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