What is Letter from Hot Springs?

Back in 2016 I moved my family of five from Brooklyn, New York to the small town of Hot Springs, Arkansas to write a book. I started Letter from Hot Springs as a way to send regular updates on our life and on the progress of the book to friends and family.

That adventure lasted for one year, but I continued the newsletter after our return to New York, albeit much less regularly. The book I had set out to write, however, is due to be published on July 7th, and this newsletter will soon be about that book and the events and happenings around its publication.

What is the newsletter about?

I try to keep the content of the newsletter close to the themes that are covered in my book: crime, gambling, conspiracy, corruption, the south, family and the investigation of the past. I also use it to sometimes promote things I publish and write.

Why should I subscribe?

I intend to use this newsletter to share stories that didn’t make it into the book, to keep people up to date on what’s going on in my life, and as the book publication nears (and after it arrives), to promote the book and give away cool and unusual things to subscribers.

To learn more about me you can visit my website, davidhillonline.com. You can also follow me on twitter at @davehill77.

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