The Vapors is out in paperback and IN PERSON appearances

Last summer when The Vapors was released there were no bookstores open anywhere in the United States and many of us rarely even left the house. I never got to even see a copy of the book in bookstores until many months later, and by then it had moved on from the prominent section of the store reserved for all the new books and was already up on the shelves in gen-pop. This summer, however, the bookstores are back open, I have Pfizer pumping through my veins, and The Vapors is getting a second go-around with the release of the paperback.

If you haven’t read The Vapors yet, or if you’d like to add a paperback to your bookshelf, you can purchase one by clicking this link, or buy one wherever you normally purchase books.

To celebrate the release, I’ll be appearing in Little Rock at Wordsworth Books on July 21st at 6:30pm. If you’re in the area, you can register for that event by clicking here.

A few other IN PERSON events I’ll be doing this summer:

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas on August 19th

The Arkansas Heritage Festival on Saturday August 28th

The Hot Springs Book Festival on September 17th (this event will be held at the actual Vapors building! Registration is required)

It would be great to see some of y’all this summer face to face! I hope you can make it out to an event. And if you’d like me to do an event in your town, please get in touch. I’m happy to come to your local independent bookstore or speak to your book club or class. Unlike pre-2020 me, 2021 me is excited about traveling and being in public. But there’s no guarantee that feeling will last, so let’s move fast.

Thanks so much for supporting The Vapors. And I promise next time I write I’ll have a story to tell you.