The Vapors basement book tour update

This is just a quick note to let you know about a couple of upcoming events in support of The Vapors, as well as to show you a little bit of the reaction so far. The book has been out one week, and the response has been really incredible to see. It’s been tough to have to promote the book from my basement every day, but I think every author with a book coming out during COVID is figuring out their own way to try to reach readers without being able to be in the same room with them, or to sell books without the benefit of brick and mortar bookstores. The upside is that it seems like people are doing more reading. And doing virtual events has allowed me to do far more than I would have if I had to fly from city to city. The good with the bad I suppose. And as you can from this screenshot we still manage to have fun.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7:30pm EST I’m doing an event with Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn. I’ll do a short reading and talk to Patrick Sauer and David Roth for a while. They are offering a 15% discount on the book with the code VAPORS. More info here:

Next Wednesday, July 22nd, at 7:00pm EST I’ll be talking with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Virginia Prescott in conjunction with the Atlanta History Center and Acapella Books. There will be signed books on offer. More info on that event here:

Next Thursday, July 23rd, at 7:30pm EST I’ll be talking to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Rex Nelson as part of the Six Bridges Book Festival. Registration is free but required:

There are a number of other events coming up in later weeks as well, including an event for Magic City Books in Tulsa with Jeff Martin and an event for Book Soup in L.A. with Clark Duke.

And here are a few reviews that have come in: The New York Times calls The Vapors “complex, turbulent, as haunting as a pedal steel solo.” The Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor both named The Vapors as one of their best books of July. Kirkus, who already named the book a top 10 summer read, published a Q&A with me. I also went on the Scamwow podcast and had a lot of fun talking about The Vapors, Hot Springs, my family history, and carnies. There were a few other hits but this is starting to feel awfully gratuitous.

I hope you can join me at any or all of these online events. And thank you to those of you who have already been in the audience and the chatboxes of the events I’ve done the past week. Your support for this book means so much to me, and doesn’t go unnoticed. Unless you logged in anonymously or with a fake name or something.

There will be much more to write in the coming days, I’m sure. Right now I need to get to bed so I can wake up early for my interview on my favorite radio station, KUHS 102.5 FM in Hot Springs. I’ll be on sometime between 8:00 and 9:00am CDT. KUHS is a volunteer run, freeform, solar powered community radio station in Hot Springs. During the year that we lived there while working on The Vapors, I had a show every Wednesday at noon. It was one of the highlights of my week. In the years since I’ve been back in New York, whenever I feel a twinge of homesickness for Hot Springs, I tune in and listen to whichever weirdo happens to be on the microphone at that hour, and it makes me feel warm inside. If you’d like to get a small taste of what kind of fun and fascinating place Hot Springs is today, you should tune in to their internet stream and check it out, maybe starting with tomorrow morning at 8:00am CDT. And then kick them a few dollars if you can spare it.

And as always, if for whatever reason you still haven’t purchased a copy of The Vapors, you can click on this link and take care of that now. If you have already purchased it, thank you so much. If there is anyone in your life you think might enjoy it, why not go ahead and buy a copy for them? I’m sorry, but this is what I have to do now. It’s all over but the selling, I believe is what they say.

See you on zoom,